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Greenheart, Njord and Marsoft enter green tech partnership underpinned by carbon credits

Press release

In a new collaboration, Greenheart, a subsidiary of Hayfin Capital Management, is partnering with green tech business Njord and maritime consulting firm Marsoft. As part of the partnership, Njord will design a bespoke package of fuel-saving technologies on, initially, four Greenheart-owned vessels, to achieve fuel and emission cuts of between seven and 16 per cent per vessel. Marsoft will quantify and certify the CO2 savings through carbon credits, ensuring Greenheart will optimise the financial value of the fuel savings. The partnership is set to make a strong business case for installing energy-saving devices.

“At Greenheart we are focused on performance improvement of our fleet and excellence in service to our clients. Whilst discussing with both Njord and Marsoft, we identified a complementary overlap in support, outcomes and goals, hence we suggested a tri party collaboration. We are therefore extremely excited to pilot this, and look forward to the work and findings. Collaboration in our industry is of paramount importance and this partnership is a firm step forward,” says Nikos Benetis, Technical Director at Greenheart Management.

Each of the four vessels will be screened to identify their fuel-saving potential. A custom-designed package of energy-saving devices for each vessel, selecting from a portfolio of more than 20 technologies will be developed.

“Despite the many environmental and financial advantages of installing energy-saving devices, the investment can still be difficult for owners to finance,” says Frederik Pind, Managing Director at Njord.

“We help owners overcome that financing barrier by making the business case more attractive. We do that through our holistic approach of combining several technologies and representing a neutral opinion in the decision making.”

“We are looking forward to partnering with Greenheart and Marsoft. In a first-of-its-kind collaboration, we are introducing a new financing vehicle, which we believe will accelerate technology adoption and emission cuts.”

Marsoft’s GreenScreen program complements Njord’s design approach by accurately assessing the emission reductions from the retrofits – a requirement to enrol the ships in a Gold Standard program. Marsoft’s collaboration with ClimeCo, a leader in the carbon markets, secures premium pricing for Greenheart’s carbon credits in the voluntary carbon markets.

“The industry is beginning to see the real value of the carbon markets to accelerate the pace of decarbonisation today,” says Arlie Sterling, President of Marsoft Inc. “We help secure an audited and documented statement of reduced CO2 emissions that delivers incremental revenue and return on investment.”

The partnership has commenced, with Njord currently screening the vessels to identify the most suitable technologies.

About Greenheart

Greenheart Management is a UK based ship manager, providing the full spectrum of commercial and operational management. The in-house expertise is combined with technical management oversight and general asset risk management for all vessel classes with a strong focus on environmental, social and corporate governance.

About Njord

Njord is a green technological business founded by Maersk Tankers, which aims to accelerate cost-effective and industry-wide greenhouse gas reductions. Njord helps shipowners and charterers in container, bulk, tanker and gas shipping to become more efficient by offering advisory and technical solutions that help shipowners cut emissions. It offers a full-service package, including screening for potential, designing the solution and assisting owners with the installation of energy-saving devices as well as measuring the performance of the technology. The business was brought to market in 2022 and has seen rapid growth; today it works with more than 40 owners.

About Marsoft

Established in 1984, Marsoft provides expert, objective, and timely support for investment, chartering, and financing decisions. Marsoft’s quantitative models and expert judgment have improved the quality of decision-making for almost four decades. Marsoft decision support systems integrate data and analysis to enrich our client's decision-making process, including the integration of climate-focused initiatives such as the Poseidon Principles.

The analytical platform underpinning Marsoft’s GreenScreen services was developed in collaboration with the MIT SeaGrant Design Laboratory.

Marsoft is committed to working with the shipping industry to minimize CO2 emissions and support the UN Sustainable Development Goals while meeting all stakeholder requirements. Marsoft is a founding member of the Blue Sky Maritime Coalition, whose mission is to accelerate the decarbonization of North American waterborne trade.

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