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Cycles in the maritime industry are changing faster than ever and we are in one of the most uncertain and volatile times industry has ever witnessed. This decade is likely to see changes that will set the tone of the future of the industry.

Our models, which have been rigorously tested over the last four decades, coupled with the most experienced analyst team in the industry, can help you navigate these volatile cycles.

We provide a range of solutions to help you and your team make timely investment, financing and chartering decisions.


Discussion with our sector experts

  • Tanker

  • Dry Bulk

  • Containership

  • Gas Tankers


Quarterly reports covering:

  • In-depth analysis of supply-demand fundamentals

  • Five-year forecasts

  • Base case & alternative risk scenarios

  • Demand analysis & trade forecast for Containerships, Steel, Grain, Crude Oil, Refined Products, LPG, LNG

  • Fleet productivity & utilization


Navigator Analysis

  • Quick snapshot of where the market is and how cycles are likely to evolve

  • Comparative charts facilitating before/after comparison across all aspects of the scenarios

  • Easy export of tables and charts to Excel

  • Historical data going back to 1980 and 4-5 year forecast horizon for benchmark ships

  • Access to ad hoc scenarios in response to sudden or unforeseen global events

Navigator Valuation

  • Vessel-specific rates & prices

  • Quick assessment of the impact of eco engines, scrubbers

  • Impact of selected retrofits for specific ships

  • Quick support for the timing of sale & purchase decisions

  • Insight into earnings potential and investment prospects

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