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Marsoft is the leading supplier of portfolio management and risk evaluation services to the shipping finance industry. By combining powerful quantitative methods to identify cyclical and structural market dynamics, and sophisticated risk and financial performance evaluation to attain winning strategies in shipping, Marsoft delivers objective and timely support for investment, financing, and chartering decisions. Our clients account for about two-thirds of overall debt capacity in shipping.




Connecticut Maritime Association Conference


Arlie Sterling, President of Marsoft will be a Moderator during The Big Debate at the Connecticut Maritime Association Conference, 23rd – 25th March, when industry veterans will debate the markets. Arlie is moderating when Ed Coll, CEO at Pangaea Logistics Solutions, is the keynote speaker. Ed Coll will address the participants on “To Own or To Charter”.



Shipping Markets & Strategy Program, 18-19 September 2014


For the 5th year running the Lorange Institute near Zurich was host to the joint Marsoft/Lorange Shipping Markets & Strategy program. Global representation from the multivarious sectors of the shipping industry including shipowners, charterers and shipping finance institutions gathered for two days to learn new ideas, explore old ones, and engage in the exchange of ideas and information.

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The uniqueness of this program lies in the intimacy of the location and the particular structure – two full days on the campus in an academic environment isolated from the distractions of a typical workaday life. This naturally enables greater networking opportunities and continuous interchange.

Description: C:\Users\annika\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word\IMG_4009.jpgAdopting a new but tested approach to generating information and ideas these senior executives from across the shipping world were divided into small groups for 3*20 minute sessions. This formula gives the presenter 20 minutes, the individual group 20 minutes to discuss and a further 20 minutes for dissemination with everyone. According to Lorange’s President and shipping guru, Peter Lorange, 20 minutes is the maximum time limit for absolute concentration – thus participants capitalized on every available minute both for absorption and examination of information. For Peter Lorange’s explanation of this new pedagogical approach please click

Arlie Sterling, President of Marsoft, led the program together with Peter Lorange. Again this program differs from many other in that throughout the two days the faculty were full participants including Marsoft’s heads of research, Kevin Hazel and Costas Bardjis.

The topics covered were everything from possible scenarios of the Dry bulk market, the eco ships of today and tomorrow to case studies and behavioral economics. It was a great opportunity to hear Joergen Oerstroem Moeller, from the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore, talk about the transformation of global trade and Jeffrey Satinover of WorldQuant LLC speaking on Capital Markets & Risk. Josef Mondl, Unitersity of St Gallen, made a welcome return to address the issue of the new regime in China. DNV GL shared their knowledge of the future for eco ships.
 Vikrant Bhatia, the CEO of KC Maritime says “We all know a lot about the business we are in, and by coming here, you meet a lot of other people who are experts in their area. As senior managers, we need to have exposure to what is happening in other parts of the shipping business and this program is able to give that information in a very condensed way.”Description: C:\Users\annika\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word\IMG_4003.jpg

Another intriguing aspect of this special program is how it attracts repeated participation, for example, Felix Tschudi, Chairman of Tschudi Shipping Company, tells us that “Discussing with the same people who keep coming back to this program, makes it easy to pick up and try to point towards the future and find the possible scenarios of what might happen.” Arlie Sterling, President of Marsoft sums up the whole experience “the atmosphere that is created by the diversity of the people attending makes this program so special to us. All who are here have the time to engage with each other and here lies the true value in a mix of faculty lectures and everyone discussing with each other. We hope to see both new and familiar faces at next year’s program on 17th - 18th September 2015”.



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