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Saturday 26th April, The Lorange Institute of Business

Arlie Sterling has been invited to address senior executives from Nanyang University – Singapore who are following an E-MBA program at the Institute. Dr Sterling will be giving Marsoft’s view of the market outlook for dry bulk, tanker and gas.  Marsoft continues to collaborate with the Lorange Institute for the annual program,
Shipping Markets and Strategy, this year on 18th & 19 th September.

Marsoft Q2 14 Client Meeting

Marsoft’s Q2 14 Client Meeting was hosted in London by CA-CIB.  We have broken free from the conventional slide presentation with the aim of stimulating greater interaction and in order to benefit from the views of our assembled client group.  Arlie Sterling, Kevin Hazel and Belinda Adye presented some key business issues as a starting point for that discussion.   Please see the accompanying presentation.

We went beyond the traditional discussion of the market outlook and market uncertainty to a business discussion on the role of capital markets and how the new “eco-ship” capabilities contribute to business decisions in the current marketplace.

Marsoft Client Meetings are of course only for the owners, bankers and charterers who subscribe to Marsoft’s services but they represent in a smaller format the mix of interests that assemble each year for
Shipping Markets & Strategy, the program Marsoft runs jointly with the Lorange Institute near Zurich.

Shipping Markets & Strategy 2014

Joergen Oerstroem Moeller will be speaking at Shipping Markets & Strategy 2014 later this year, and a recent article can be found

For information about Shipping Markets & Strategy 2014 click here



Shipping Markets & Strategy 2014

18th & 19th September 2014 - Lorange Institute of Business, Horgen, Switzerland


This is a joint venture between Marsoft and the Lorange Institute. A detailed agenda will be available shortly, in the meantime please contact jan.fraser.jenkins@marsoft for information.



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