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Wind Assist Projects Launched: Marsoft Announces GreenScreen Success Stories during Marine Money Week New York 2024

Marine Money Week New York 2024 - Marsoft's presentation at bottom


“We should be proud of the leadership shown by the participants in the Marine Money panels – but aware that the industry is falling short of its climate goals,” observed Arlie Sterling at the opening of his presentation. “The industry has fallen nearly 20% short of alignment with the Paris Accords – amounting to 165 million tonnes of CO2 (according to the Sea Cargo Charter) – and we just learned from the LR speaker that fewer than 20% of the fleet has been retrofitted with energy saving devices.”

Marsoft’s GreenScreen program provides the necessary incentives to turn the tables in favor of retrofit investment. The GreenScreen program helps owners realize the value of the emissions reductions by selling the reductions to 3rd parties such as Microsoft. “Microsoft cannot install nuclear reactors fast enough to meet the needs of their AI data centers, so they need to pay for emissions reductions elsewhere to meet their net zero commitments.” Marsoft is working with ClimeCo, a leader in the environmental commodities space, and Gold Standard, the leading global carbon registry to deliver GreenScreen.

Sterling illustrated the GreenScreen benefits with a case study showing that, with GreenScreen, owners could invest 30% more in retrofitting while still meeting their financial targets.

The key to qualifying for GreenScreen carbon credits is to choose from list of eligible retrofits approved by the Gold Standard. These include biocide-free coatings, wake-flow enhancement devices, bow and prop optimization, engine tuning, wind assist, air lubrication, and other proven retrofits.

Sterling went on: “We are very excited to announce today the initiation of our first wind assist projects – one on a VLOC and another on a Supramax – with Oman Shipping and Trans Sea Transport respectively. Now is the time to join these leaders if you are considering wind assist – this will be a new technology for Gold Standard and its important to demonstrate scale.”

Watch the audio and slides from the Marine Money presentation.

Marsoft GreenScreen - The Guts of the Deal - MMW - 25Jun2024
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