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Shipping Professional Network London (SPNL)

Aditya Trivedi, Senior Analyst at Marsoft, will be giving a presentation:

Marsoft’s GreenScreen Program: Carbon Credits for Shipping Projects

Aditya Trivedi will talk about Marsoft's breakthrough service GreenScreen™, that allows owners to originate carbon credits for carbon emissions avoided by retrofitting their ships.

The presentation will introduce attendees to Marsoft's pioneering GreenScreen™ platform, a solution poised to redefine emissions assessment within the maritime industry. Developed in collaboration with the MIT Sea Grant Design Laboratory, GreenScreen™ revolutionizes the process of evaluating CO2 emissions reductions achieved through retrofit programs.

For further information on SPNL and tickets click here

For further information on Marsoft’s GreenScreen program and our services to decarbonisation in the shipping industry please contact one of our offices.


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