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Marine Money Ship Finance & Decarbonization Virtual Forum - 25 February 2021

Arlie Sterling is joining the Panel for the opening discussion:

Rewarding (and Protecting) “First Movers” in Decarbonization (8am – 9am ECT)

The session will start with a case study by Lars Erik Marcussen from Heidelberg Cement, and then lead on to a panel discussion:

What’s the appropriate price for carbon emissions – who should pay for it and with what mechanism?

  • What’s better: an overreaching IMO-led carbon regulatory regime or a series of ‘local’ regulations?

  • Poseidon Principles: signatory banks have measured emissions of their portfolios…now what?

  • The great mismatch: Fuel technology is changing fast but ships are long-lived assets – who should take the risk of ‘stranded’ assets?

  • Doing the math: building new ships or improving the efficiency of existing ones, which approach has the small carbon footprint?

  • How realistic is significant shipping decarbonization without a carbon levy?

For details and to register for the forum Marine Money Marsoft is continually monitoring and contributing to this subject, helping clients to meet the demands of decarbonization – please contact us to learn more.

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