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Marine Money Athens

Greek Shipping Finance Forum, Athens, 17th October 2023

12.45 Athens: Arlie Sterling, President of Marsoft and Anna Stablum, Business Development Director at ClimeCo will be speaking about Growth in the Carbon Markets – Value for the Shipping Industry: ETS and the Global Regulated Industry – What are the Trading Opportunities for Shipping.

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Marsoft and ClimeCo have committed to offering an effective and efficient industry-level solution to the CO2 emissions reduction verification, credits issuance, and monetization challenges. The combination of ClimeCo’s environmental solutions track record and Marsoft’s breakthrough management tools for the shipping industry ensures that the shipping industry can benefit from the state-of-the-art and critical mass. Marsoft and ClimeCo have invested substantial resources and are willing to invest alongside the shipowner to reduce CO2 emissions. Please contact one of our offices for further information.

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