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Marine Money Academy - Investment Truths in Shipping and Current Market Trends

20th June 3pm – 3.30 pm EST

At the offices of Holland & Knight LLP, 31 West 52nd St, NYC, NY10019

An alternative afternoon program for those registered to attend Marine Money Week as delegates, and for young entrants in the industry whose companies are confirmed sponsors of Marine Money Week.

‘At its finest, the international shipping industry fuels global development, and the health and welfare of people on all corners of the Earth. At its most challenging, it combines the complexity of modern corporate finance, a maze of global regulations and laws, and cultural challenges. And its stewards at every vital layer of the business are arguably the most accomplished international financiers, advisors, lawyers, commercia ltalents and principals imaginable.’

Kevin Hazel, Partner at Marsoft and John Moulopoulos, Senior Financial Analyst at Marsoft will give Marsoft’s approach to Investment Truths in Shipping and Current Market Trends

  • Returns in shipping – why is getting the timing/pricing right important?

  • Big picture on supply/demand in major markets – key drivers to watch

  • Decarbonization and regulatory pressures; IMO/PPS?SBTI buzzwords may be trends in CO2 emissions

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