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GreenScreen™ - the Proven Path to Carbon Credits in any Market Cycle

Join us on 9 September to learn about monetizing from retrofits, carbon credits and get your questions about GreenScreen™ answered. Click here to register.


Access to capital, getting the timing right, and long-term charters are critical success factors for shipping and access to the carbon credit market contributes to all those goals. Carbon credits for retrofits reduces equity requirements, increases residual value and vessel life, and aligns with charterers demand for a reduced carbon footprint.

Marsoft’s GreenScreen™ offers access to carbon credit revenues, facilitated by the proprietary technology Marsoft has developed in collaboration with MIT. This unique analytics-driven approach saves time and money and provides reliable and timely estimates of carbon reduction from retrofits, including coatings. We will discuss how to achieve this when at the top or bottom of the market cycle.

For Board members, senior management, and performance managers: hear how GreenScreen™ reliably delivers access to the carbon credit market quickly and at low cost.


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