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Marsoft's Arlie Sterling Moderates Panel on Deep Sea Shipping & Energy Transition at Marine Money

Marsoft Inc. takes pride in its commitment to the decarbonization of the shipping industry. In line with this vision, Marsoft's President, Dr. Arlie Sterling, recently participated as the moderator in the highly anticipated session titled "Deep Sea Shipping & Energy Transition – Strategies, Funding & Economics" during Marine Money Week in New York. This event brought together industry leaders to discuss the challenges and opportunities associated with decarbonizing the planet and achieving the International Maritime Organization's (IMO) targets.

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From left: Arlie Sterling, Anthony Gurnee, Frederik Pind, Andreas Enger, and Gustav Sannem

Photo: David Butler / Marine Money

During the session, panelists delved into the critical issue of funding maritime transition, discussing the need for $2 trillion to support the necessary investments. Dr. Sterling led the discussion by posing questions to the panelists, including CEOs Andreas Enger (Höegh Autoliners), Anthony Gurnee (Ardmore Shipping Corporation), Gustav Sannem (Odfjell SE), and Frederik Pind (Njord, Maersk Tankers). The conversation shed light on potential funding sources and explored collaborative efforts between owners, charterers, governments, and lenders to facilitate the energy transition.

The panelists described their commitments to decarbonization including retrofitting their fleet with energy saving devices including powerful new technology like air Lubrication, wind assist, carbon capture, and net-zero fuels. They highlighted the role of new funding sources like carbon credits and the need for an expanded global regulatory framework including a carbon levy and carbon-linked fuel standards.

Marsoft remains at the forefront of the maritime sector, championing sustainability and encouraging meaningful dialogue to pave the way for a greener future in deep-sea shipping.

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