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38th CMA Shipping Conference

CMA Shipping, Hilton Stamford, Connecticut

21st – 23rd March 2023

On 22nd March Arlie Sterling, President of Marsoft & Aditya Trivedi, Senior Analyst at Marsoft are representing Marsoft at the 38th CMA Conference

22nd March 9.35 – 10.30 EST

Dr Sterling is joining a distinguished panel, Elpi Petraki (WISTA/ENEA Management, HSSA), Jan Hagen Andersen (DNV Maritime), Helio Vicente (International Chamber of Shopping), Mikal Boe (Core Power), Jennifer States to discuss The Accountability Framework for Energy Transition. The panel is moderated by Carleen Lyden-Walker (NAMEPA/SHPPINGInsight)

22nd March 15.30 – 15.45 EST

Aditya Trivedi will give Marsoft’s view for the LNG Tanker Market

Marsoft’s Q1 Release is now available – for further information contact one of our offices


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