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23Q1 LNGC and VLGC Reports Available

LNGC spot rates saw spectacular gains in October and November, with rates skyrocketing to more than $400,000 per day, before falling back in December and January. VLGC rates also soared in the fourth quarter, topping $100,000 per day, and for the full year 2022, they were up by more than 50% compared to 2021.

Looking ahead, over the next 12 months, LNGC and VLGC rates are expected to remain relatively attractive. Our LNGC and VLGC reports discussing five-year projections and fundamentals are now available. For more information on Marsoft’s analysis of the gas markets or access to the market reports contact one of our offices.

We will also discuss our views about what lies ahead for the LNG market at the 38th CMA Shipping Conference on 22 March at 1530 - 1545 EST. Aditya Trivedi will cover our Base Case views, prevailing uncertainties, and how these could affect our outlook.

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