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The World’s Leading Ocean Science & Research Centre Teams with an Action-oriented VC Fund

Thursday 23rd February 9.30 am EST Webinar

Marine Money ▪ Marsoft ▪ Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution ▪ Propeller

Discussion: The world’s leading ocean science and research centre teams with an action-oriented VC fund to develop ocean/climate solutions target climate change

Hauke Kite-Powell, VP, Managing Decarbonization at Marsoft and Research Specialist at WHOI, will moderate this discussion between Reece Pacheco, Propeller and Andrew Rose, WHOI


Discovery and fundamental science at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) stem from a deep, broad tradition of world-class ocean scientists working closely with world-class ocean engineers and technicians. WHOI’s extraordinary blend of observation, theory, and access to the sea has produced entire chapters of oceanographic knowledge.

Turning science into actionable progress, pushing research to a point where it is commercially viable, is the critical next step.

Propeller is a climate-tech fund that invests in and builds ocean-climate companies. The inaugural $100 million fund is focused on pre-seed and seed stage startups in three core areas: Ocean Carbon (measurement, removal, and sequestration), Ocean Organics (emissions reductions from novel algaes, microbes, and marine fungi), and Ocean Industrials (decarbonization of the maritime sector, increased ocean renewables, etc).

Propeller is working with WHOI’s distinctive capabilities to advance ocean science, and investing for the global good at a pace commensurate with the urgency of challenges ahead. Together, they are providing transformative opportunities to accelerate innovation, engage the world, and commit to tackling climate change, the challenge of our generation.

From broadly scalable new technologies to their unique partnering paradigm, WHOI and Propeller represent a new era of ocean-based climate solutions. Join the next High Tide Foundation supported, Marine Money webinar on Thursday, February 23rd at 9:30 AM (Eastern Standard Time) to find out more about how you too can participate in, and with, the effort to address climate change and mitigate its profound impacts.


For further information on Marsoft’s GreenScreen Program and our continuing support to owners and decarbonization contact one of Marsoft’s offices.

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