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Marsoft’s Q1 22 Release was published just before the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Consequently our analysts felt it imperative that Marsoft clients should understand how these events would affect our scenarios. More than 80 clients attended the webinar – here are some of the questions they asked:

  • What are the longer-term, post-2022 implications of the shift in LNG imports to Europe for the LNG tanker market?

  • Does OPEC have enough spare capacity to offset losses due to Russian exports?

  • What is the possibility of Iranian sanctions being lifted soon?

  • How much dry bulk trade comes out of the Black Sea?

  • How likely is it that we could see higher dry bulk rates as a result of the war?

  • Will the containership boom face an anti-trust government backlash?

  • How do you see the impact of soaring energy prices?

To learn of Marsoft’s approach to the ongoing situation and how our scenarios are affected, please contact one of our offices.


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