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Marsoft at the SNAME Symposium

Arlie Sterling gave a keynote speech at the SNAME 7th International Symposium on Ship Operations, Management and Economics on 8th April. Professor Lambros Kaiktsis commented: "The Greek shipping fraternity has always demonstrated strong leadership in the face of industry challenges, and our focus on decarbonization is no exception. This was highlighted recently by the 7th International SOME Symposium, organized by the Greek Section of SNAME. Dr Arlie Sterling, President of Marsoft, gave one of the keynote speeches and introduced Marsoft’s industry-scale retrofit concept – an innovative and prescient approach to support the decarbonization of shipping - the industry can learn a lot by listening to Marsoft and following the Greek lead!" To learn more about Marsoft’s unique and timely approach to decarbonization support contact one of our offices.

Pivoted into a virtual event, the 7th international Symposium on Ship Operations, Management, and Economics scheduled to take place on 6 & 7 April 2021 was successfully concluded.

During the 2-day program 2 inspiring keynote speeches and 16 presentations on the topics of Design & Fabrication, Digitalization, Computers & Shipping, Operations & Emissions, and Legal, Financial & Regulatory Aspects were given.

The Symposium was honored by the presence of SNAME President, Andrew M. Kendrick, who set the tone of the Symposium at the Opening Session and 2 exquisite keynote speakers, Dr. Arlie G. Sterling, President and Co-Founder of Marsoft Inc., and Dr. German Weisser, Senior Advisor at Winterthur Gas & Diesel.

The live Q&A sessions, which followed each of the pre-recorded sessions, enhanced participants’ understanding and created space for lively interaction.

SOME Organizers would like to thank SOME speakers and attendees for their participation and recognize SOME sponsors’ generous contributions. All of them were large part of the Symposium success. SOME digital proceedings are available to interested individuals on OnePetro, while SOME presentations and keynote speeches will be accessible via the SOME event website until Friday, 23rd April.



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