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CMA 39th Annual Expo: Arlie Sterling & Henrik Ehlers Kragh to Discuss Trade Routes and Agreements from now until 2030.

12-14th March CMA 39th Annual Expo & Conference, Hilton, Stamford, Connecticut

Arlie Sterling, President of Marsoft and Henrik Ehlers Kragh, RiskIntelligence will discuss:

How are trading routes and trade agreements likely to evolve leading up to 2030 and beyond?

Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) play a major role in both maritime and global economics as do the key trading routes traversed by the world’s fleet. With many evolving and changing geopolitical dynamics currently in flux including changes to governmental administrations, sanctions, and conflicts, what will the landscape of FTAs and trading routes look like by 2030? Which sectors of cargo movement are likely to benefit? Which key risks should owners and operators be keenly focused on? And what role will trade agreements play in the pursuit of environmental protection goals?

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