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22Q2 Containership and Gas Market Reports are now available

Our Containership Market Brief looks at stormy weather ahead but is optimistic that the re-opening of the Chinese economy and the traditional summer peak season will be a catalyst for an improving market. Marsoft warns that with the current geopolitical situation any upturn in economic and trade prospects may be short-lived.

In our LNG and VLGC/LPG Quarterly Reports there is evidence of the main gas tanker markets showing weakness but now recovering in Q2. After the initial set back in Q1 we expect European imports to remain strong as the continent realigns after reducing dependence on Russian pipeline gas. However, we have to remember that LNG terminal capacity has been hit and cargoes are being diverted to Asia in Q2 because of European port congestion.

The prospects for VLGC charter rates look optimistic due to the strong US LPG production and US inventories.

Lowering demand because of high prices and the risk of global recession are the key factors in these markets.

Make contingency plans or better still contact us for further updates and insight!


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