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2021 VIRTUAL Climate Week Forum

Decarbonizing Maritime: Forming Capital, Generating Returns

Wednesday, 22nd September 12 noon – 12.15 pm EST

Arlie Sterling, President of Marsoft, will be discussing MARSOFT’S GREENSCREEN™ program. GreenScreen offers fast and low-cost access to the carbon credits market for retrofits.

Thursday, 23rd September 9.05 am – 9.40 am EST

Dr Sterling will be leading the panel discussion on "Coalitions & Acquisitions Taking Action to Accelerate the Transition".

The industry’s coalitions are essential to harnessing and leveraging the industry’s intellectual and financial resources. The panel will assess what has been achieved so far and will look forward to what is likely to evolve in 2022.

To register and view agenda Marine Money Climate Week.

Marsoft in conjunction with Marine Money has been running webinars and workshops to demonstrate our commitment to effective emissions reduction with effective financial results.

For further information on Marsoft’s approach to decarbonization support contact one our offices.

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