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Managing decarbonization, minimising operational and financial risk


Marsoft Inc is a privately held company founded in 1984, with offices in Boston, London and Oslo. Our sole focus is the maritime industry.

We provide expert, objective and timely support for investment, chartering and financing decisions.

Our quantitative models have accurately predicted volatile shipping cycles over more than three decades.

Marsoft decision support systems integrate data and analysis to turbocharge our client's decision-making process.

Marsoft is also committed to working towards a more sustainable world. We are committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, in particular goal 13 Climate Action.


Marsoft is a founding member of the Blue Sky Maritime Coalition, whose mission is to accelerate the decarbonization of North American waterborne trade.

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As a leading independent consulting company, Marsoft offers its clients an unparalleled combination of rigorous methodology, risk management tools, and unbiased market and business support. 

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The decarbonization of shipping is driving strategy for all stakeholders –  Marsoft and GreenScreen™  support  owners, banks and charterers as they embrace the challenge. 

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Managing risk is the key to success in shipping.  Our risk evaluation applications and consulting services offer an innovative and effective framework to support your decisions. 

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Cycle management

Our market specialists help to anticipate turning points in the market cycle, identify key risk factors, and interpret their consequences on the projects you undertake. 

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