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Marsoft’s GreenScreen™ Decarbonization Support program ensures that your retrofit investment is aligned with your strategic and commercial goals by providing:


  • Evaluation of retrofit options for each ship in your fleet

  • Gold Standard verification of carbon emission reductions from retrofits

  • Revenue from sale of carbon credits in the Voluntary Carbon Market

  • Zero up-front cost


The benefits of the program include world-class evaluation of the retrofit options for each ship in your fleet, access to Carbon Credits traded in the Voluntary Carbon Market via Marsoft's GreenScreen™, execution support from our collaborator ClimeCo, and incremental revenue from the sale of carbon credits linked to the reduction in emissions yielded by the retrofit.


Leading owners have to date enrolled more than 120 ships that will save over 1 million tonnes of CO2 emissions over their next docking cycle. 

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GreenScreen™ Breakthrough

Marsoft’s GreenScreen™ platform opens the door to issuing Gold Standard carbon credits on the basis of CO2 emissions reductions delivered by your retrofit program.


GreenScreen eliminates the costly, time consuming and unreliable analysis required to establish CO2 emissions reductions in the past.  Developed in collaboration with the MIT Sea Grant Design Laboratory, GreenScreen™ is based on proven ship design and engineering principles and verified with real-world data from ship trials and tank tests. The GreenScreen™ analysis will provide accurate estimates of fuel and emission savings for your specific ships in a matter of days, using only vessel data readily available in your records. 


The GreenScreen™ process also limits the data reporting required to verify the emissions reductions once you have installed retrofits.  Speed, draft, and weather conditions are the only data points required to characterize your ship’s operational performance.


Marsoft’s GreenScreen™ methodology has been accepted by the Gold Standard carbon registry, thereby accelerating the process of verifying and issuing carbon credits.  Marsoft’s collaboration with ClimeCo, a leading carbon origination and trading company, ensures that the credits are monetized on your behalf for maximum value.

ClimeCo Collaboration

A successful retrofit program starts with the business plan and ends with the successful execution of each step in the program – all the way to depositing cash from carbon credit sales in your bank account. ClimeCo and Marsoft have established a collaboration that combines the world-class abilities and experience of each organization. 

Crucially, the GreenScreen™ service provides an effective and efficient solution to the CO2 emissions reduction verification, credits issuance, and monetization challenges to shipowners at zero up-front cost.  The combination of ClimeCo’s environmental solutions track record and Marsoft’s breakthrough management tools for the shipping industry ensures a risk-free path to carbon credit revenue. Marsoft and ClimeCo receive compensation only when carbon credits are successfully issued on the basis of your ships’ retrofits.

To learn more about our joint offering, please refer to our press release, or get in touch by filling out the form above or by emailing us at

Click the logo below to access the ClimeCo website.

Marsoft & ClimeCo Offer a Turnkey Carbon Credits Solution

Verification: GreenScreen™ Breakthrough

  • Low Cost

  • Fast

  • Reliable

Issuance: GreenScreen™ & ClimeCo Project Management

  • Eliminates Complex and Costly Analysis of Noon Reports

  • Marsoft/ClimeCo manage entire process for a ship owner

Monetization: ClimeCo Carbon Sales

  • High Value

  • High Liquidity

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