Risk Management Applications

Flagship is a state-of-the-art shipping portfolio and risk management application widely used by leading banks, leasing companies, and shipowners. It is a web-based platform integrating vessel, loan, and portfolio management capabilities for ship finance. Marsoft’s market analysis and associated databases on rates, operating costs, values and transactions is included in Flagship. The analysis is updated on a quarterly basis to reflect changes in the business environment and market outlook; the historical database includes data from 1980 and the forecast database maintains a four to five-year forecast horizon.


This risk management application puts the power of Marsoft’s research and analytics to work for your organization, allowing you to evaluate projects without the need to share proprietary information with Marsoft.

A key component of the risk management application is it’s unique stress testing capabilities.  These capabilities are based on a forward-looking assessment of potential market conditions linked to the market scenario development process.  The stress tests can also be consolidated up to a portfolio level for management reporting purposes. 

Current stress test practice at some banks focuses on the implications of potentially arbitrary “haircuts” on earnings or values, with little ability to link the haircut to real-world risk factors or probabilities.  These potential shortcomings are eliminated by following Marsoft's market analysis, synthesis, and scenario development process.  It ensures that the stress tests are based on a careful evaluation of potential market developments and helps assign probability weights to the potential outcomes.

Flagship embraces the concept of “data sharing”, facilitating the flow of information such as third party market scenarios, loan schedules from account manager spreadsheets, and loan agreement level data into the application for purposes of portfolio level reporting. This powerful feature provides a low cost path for integration with your existing data and analytics.

Flagship Hosting

While Flagship can be self hosted on your premises as part of your IT infrastructure, Marsoft also offers secure, reliable cloud hosting.

With this option, Marsoft assumes responsibility for hosting the Flagship web application and database. The customer accesses the application over the internet through a supported web browser.

Marsoft Hosting Technical Overview


The Marsoft Web Hosting Option includes:

  • Secure, reliable (high availability, redundant, tightly firewalled) web hosting for Marsoft’s FLAGSHIP with a dedicated, isolated instance of the application and a distinct database.

  • Technical support, maintenance, nightly backups, security auditing, Windows updates, and all Flagship software and market data updates are included.

  • Marsoft uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) which provide highly secure facilities and infrastructure and extensive network and security monitoring systems. AWS has achieved ISO 27001 certification.

    • High Availability - AWS’s world-class, highly secure data centers utilize state-of-the art electronic surveillance and multi-factor access control systems. Data centers are staffed 24x7 by trained security guards, and access is authorized strictly on a least privileged basis.

    • Security - Secure, encrypted connection over HTTPS (128 byte encryption using AES_128_CBC with SHA1 for message authentication and RSA as the key exchange mechanism).

  • Authentication supplied by native Flagship authentication mechanism.

New in 2017 - Flagship 1.5!

Flagship 1.5 was released in February 2017. Among it's new features:

  • More efficient, intuitive, "less clicks" navigation

  • Auto specification of new vessel via IMO number

  • Comprehensive "one pager" vessel detail page & report

Market Decision Support System (MDSS)

MDSS is a PC-based market evaluation system that translates Marsoft’s market analysis methodology into an interactive tool.  The MDSS package provides:

  • Forecasts of rates and prices for selected market segments in the dry bulk, tanker, and containership[BA1]  markets. The forecasts include one year time charter rates as well as vessel prices for newbuilding, five, ten and fifteen year-old vessels and scrap values.  The forecasts cover a five-year time horizon and take into account overall market conditions as well as factors specific to each segment.  Forecasts are provided for benchmark containerships of the following sizes: 650 TEU, 1000 TEU, 1700 TEU, 2000 TEU, 2500 TEU, and 4300 TEU, 6500 TEU, and 8300 TEU.  For bulkers the benchmark sizes are Handy, Handymax, Panamax, and Cape.  For tanker the representative sizes are MR Product, Aframax, Suezmax, and VLCC.

  • Dry bulk, crude and product, and containership trade databases and projections.  The information includes quarterly trade data on the major trades as well as the determinants of those trades, including detailed information by major importer as well as the pattern of trade between importers and exporters.

  • Vessel demand projections based on the volume and pattern of trade (and thus the tonne- or TEU-miles each trade represents) and taking into account port delays, speed and other factors determining the productivity of the fleet. 

  • Fleet developments in the major segments of the dry bulk, tanker, and containership fleets, including new orders, the orderbook, scrapping, fleet size and fleet age profile.

  • Historical information (from 1980, on a quarterly basis) on the above information; forecast information is provided over a five year horizon.

  • Market analysis and simulation capabilities that allow Customer to create market scenarios on a proprietary basis, modifying Marsoft's assumptions to match Customer’s views.  Specific capabilities include:

  • Create new scenarios using existing scenarios (including Marsoft Base, High, and Low cases) as a starting point.  (The original scenario is not deleted.)

  • Maintain a library of all current and past scenarios.

  • Time-series editing tools to facilitate inputs of alternative assumptions.

  • Comparative charts facilitating before/after comparison across all aspects of the scenario.

  • Export of tables and charts to excel.


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