Marsoft works with the world’s top shipping banks, leasing companies, owners, and investors, helping them speed up the acquisition of new business and realize high risk-adjusted returns.


Getting the timing right in shipping is the key to success, and Marsoft’s track record of highlighting opportunities and risks is the best in the business.

Marsoft’s Risk Management applications for the Dry Bulk, Tanker, Containership, and LNG  markets provide a comprehensive framework for market and project evaluation and are utilized by many of the leading banks and shipping companies. 


Our applications include comprehensive tabulation of worldwide trade, developments in fleet and shipyard capacity, and rate and price information for selected vessels.  Marsoft’s forecast of likely supply/demand developments and implications for rates and prices are updated quarterly, and the most recent information on trade and fleet capacity is updated at that time.  

Market Analysis

The research department is responsible for providing senior management with a broad range of information and interpretation of market conditions and developments. 


Marsoft’s market research provides coverage for the dry bulk, containership, oil tanker, LNG carrier, and LPG carrier markets and documents the background for the market scenarios, key assumptions, and uncertainties.

Strategy Advisory Services

Our expert team provides objective, and timely support for investment, financing, and chartering decisions.

Risk Management Applications

Marsoft's state of the art decision support systems for the Dry Bulk, Tanker, Containership & LNG markets provide a comprehensive framework for market and project evaluation. 

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