Market Reports & Support Services


Marsoft’s publishes monthly, quarterly and semiannual reports for the dry bulk, tanker, containership, & LNG markets. The reports provide a complete compilation of recent developments in the markets and a review of likely future developments.

They provide a detailed analysis of the important factors driving  each market. Some of the specific topics addressed include:

Steel Industry Production and Import Requirements

Marsoft developed models of the world trade in iron ore and metallurgical coal and how those trades are driven by overall economic activity, the level of steel production, the balance of blast furnace and electric arc production methods and regional differences in import intensity. The models have accurately tracked developments in these critical trades.

Grain Trade

Marsoft monitors grain consumption, production, stockpiles, import requirements and export capacity for all the major importing and exporting regions. Marsoft’s close contact with major grain trading houses helps to identify emerging trends and their implications for shipping requirements.

Steam Coal Trade

Marsoft monitors developments and utilization of coal-fired electric power plants as well as emerging developments in steam coal production and exports. One of Marsoft’s first projects in this field was a 1981 assessment of coal trade prospects that critically reviewed the widespread assumptions behind projections of rapid steam coal trade growth. We showed that developments at that time were, for the most part, due to short-term factors and that the growth in steam coal trade would appear only after a considerable lag.

Oil Consumption and Pattern of Trade

Marsoft monitors developments in oil prices, economic growth and oil consumption and production to evaluate likely developments in oil import requirements. Production and export capacity by all major exporters is also tracked explicitly in order to project the impact of growth in North Sea and Latin American exports. Movements through major pipelines and canals is also tracked.

Refinery Capacity

Marsoft reviewed projected capacity developments in the Far East, Japan, Europe, and the United States in order to assess the impact on the crude oil versus oil products import split as well as likely developments in regional trading patterns. The impact of changing regulatory requirements was evaluated in detail.


Marsoft monitors the profile of the VLCC fleet and the costs of survey and maintenance requirements and compares those costs with operating profits of specific VLCCs in order to estimate likely scrapping levels and fleet replacement requirements.

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