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Marine Money Ship Finance Forum NYC

A Call to Action: Going Green and Getting Paid

John Moulopoulos, Senior Financial Analyst, Marsoft Inc & Andy Kruger, Senior Director, Environmental Markets, ClimeCo LLC

What is a good return on your money these days? Interest rates are way up, so you’re seeking more from your money. How much more?

Is a 5% return good enough? Of course not. How about 10%, 15%, 20%? How about over 50% returns through an action based decarbonization program?”

John and Andy will be discussing an actionable step towards decarbonizing your fleets, incentivized by a WWF-recognized carbon registry: Gold Standard is endorsed by over 80 international NGOs and is working on more than 1,400 projects in 80 countries.

They will be focusing on efficient execution and the financial incentive to joining GreenScreen in times of expensive money.

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