Market Analysis

Accurate, Timely and Unique 

One of the responsibilities of a research department is to provide senior management with a broad range of information and interpretation of market conditions and developments.  In a market as complex and dynamic as shipping that is a difficult task, and one in which the details can overwhelm the big picture.  Marsoft’s services are designed to ensure that this responsibility is executed effectively and efficiently.



Forecast Accuracy 

The Marsoft Forecast Accuracy charts show the accuracy of selected Base Case forecasts in the dry bulk and tanker market since 1992.  Our one-year-ahead error was 4% and 7% in the dry bulk and tanker markets respectively and 4% and 15% on a two-year-ahead basis.  That is an impressive performance, particularly given that the dry bulk market has moved by 67% and the tanker market by 50% over the period. 

Marsoft has consistently provided an accurate early warning of likely market developments and changes in trends. 

Timely Information 

Marsoft revises its forecasts on a monthly basis and delivers updated data to our clients every quarter.  We also provide "flash reports" that evaluate significant market developments on an interim basis. Marsoft’s clients always have up-to-date information. 


Marsoft’s systems provide a complete, consistent and readily accessible source of quality-controlled information on all key market trends. No other single source provides comparable breadth and depth of information. Marsoft evaluates all major trade flows, fleet and shipyard developments as well as rate and valuation trends on a quarterly basis.  Marsoft’s data includes historical information on all variables. 

Cost Effective 

Marsoft’s investment in tanker market research and its ongoing analysis effort provides tangible benefits for our clients, including:

More effective support for senior management

With Marsoft systems, a research department commands a broader range of information and can anticipate and quickly respond to questions.

Productivity gains

Research and presentation development time can be reduced as much as 80% by using our systems.  Depending on the nature of the current workload we expect that savings of 1-2 days/month would be realized, a 5%-10% increase in productivity.

Reduced system development time and cost

Avoid re-inventing the wheel by taking advantage of Marsoft’s existing decision support applications.  Our applications can be customized to reflect your specific requirements. Savings in testing, training and documentation time are substantial.

Decision & Trading Support Systems

Marsoft’s decision support system development effort began in 1985 with partial funding from the Norwegian National Science Foundation and the Norwegian Shipowner’s Association.  The focus of our effort has been to provide information that focuses specifically on key senior management decisions and to provide systems that strengthen the strategic skills of their management team.

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